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Accessing your Stone Academy Email Account for the first time?

Before you begin, please fully restart your computer, and try to avoid doing these steps on a phone as doing them on an actual computer is much easier. 

1.)   Go to and click “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner. 

2.)   Enter your new email address exactly as it has been supplied to you. Format is

3.)   Click Next 

4.)   Enter the  password that has been provided to you.

5.)   If prompted to change your password, you will be presented with three empty boxes on the next screen. In the first add the Password that was provided to you. Then, in the second two type a new Password of your own choosing in both boxes. 

6.)   You will need to remember the password you created to access your email from here forward. 

You should now be able to access your email inbox and see emails from the school. 

If you have been issued a Chromebook,
click here for more information.