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If you’re on the hunt for a great practical nursing program in Connecticut, chances are you’re wondering, “Are they all the same?” Below we outline what makes a diploma nursing program – such as Stone Academy’s Practical Nursing (LPN) program – stand out.

In Stone’s LPN school, you’ll focus on the most fundamental and career-specific practical nursing skills. With fewer credit requirements, Stone Academy still offers a comprehensive learning environment that can take you from the classroom to the clinical setting in just a matter of months, full- or part-time. With a program like ours, you don’t need to put your job or other obligations in the corner while you go to school! Considering kick-starting your career in healthcare? Start as an entry-level LPN – and get prepared for a bright future.

You could argue that the best LPNs are able to provide top-notch care thanks to training. LPNs spend most of their time working closely with patients, and experience a wide diversity of medical situations each and every day. They help with managing sickness, injuries, disease, and long-term disabilities in all sorts of patients. LPNs measure and maintain patient health through observation, research, and data collection. They keep doctors and nurses up-to-date on patient records. They provide medications, administer IVs, dress wounds, and take lab specimens. They make sure that equipment is sterile and functioning. Most importantly, they communicate empathetically with patients and their loved ones. Can you see how on-the-job training and experience is so essential to the LPN job description?

At Stone Academy, you’ll cut straight to the chase by studying all the building blocks of nursing. Chemistry, micro- and human biology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and psychology— these are all topics that your practical nursing program will cover. Not only will you gain knowledge from classroom lessons, you’ll also complete clinical training hours, during which you may work in a hospital, rehabilitation center, long-term care facility, or other healthcare center. By combining on-the-job experience with academic coursework, Stone Academy students are able to apply their knowledge to practice, right away.  Hands-on, clinical experience is key to your success as an aspiring LPN, and something that every great practical nursing program will offer.

Starting your nursing coursework through a program like Stone Academy’s state-approved LPN training program is the first step towards earning your licensure. Post-graduation, you may take the national practical nursing exam (NCLEX-PN). Upon passing the exam, you’ll be granted the opportunity to practice in Connecticut: one of the best places to be an LPN today. When the highest hourly wage in the U.S. is granted to CT-state LPNs, why would you want to practice anywhere else?

You might feel like pre-requisites are the biggest roadblock between you and attaining a career in healthcare. Unlike other practical nursing programs, at Stone Academy, we do not require any courses in biology or physiology to have been taken in high school. All we ask is that you have a high school diploma or GED, and that you get to know us and our program through an information session, and an interview with our admissions team.

Beyond providing you with the knowledge and experience needed to graduate and pass the LPN certification exam, any great practical nursing program has one ultimate goal in mind: landing a job! Luckily, each year, 327 LPN jobs become available in Connecticut. Will one of those jobs have your name on it, next year?

Request more information today, or apply now to Stone Academy’s LPN program.