LPN Prerequisites in CT | Stone Academy
Knowing that you want to become an LPN is one thing, but understanding how exactly to get there is another! Right now, you may have questions like, How hard is it to get into an LPN program? What are the common LPN prerequisites? Will I have to submit test scores? Impress in an interview? Be a star student? These are all great questions for someone who is passionate about healthcare, and who sees great potential for themselves in a practical nursing career.

What we can tell you, is that admission requirements differ between programs nationwide. While all LPN schools in Connecticut require a high school diploma or a GED, certain LPN programs might require you complete your nursing assistant certification prior to enrollment. No pre-certification is necessary to apply to Stone Academy.Stone Academy makes it simple to step into your future as a practicing nurse. Read on to learn about our specific LPN prerequisites and how to meet them, and get your application in order in no time.

Required LPN Prerequisites:


  • High school diploma or GED: We don’t have to break this one down for you! Whether you’re an eleventh-grader or an adult career-changer, you probably either have this diploma on your horizon or in your rearview. Stone Academy needs to know that you can meet the academic challenges in store for you at nursing school.
  • Personal interview: The most daunting LPN requirement for some, and the easiest for others: an interview with the school’s admissions staff gives you the opportunity to express your interest in this career, and to let your personality shine. Don’t go into an interview unprepared, as this can lead to nervousness and keep you from being yourself. Study up on these Seven Tips to Ace Your Nursing School Interview, and step into that room feeling confident and informed.
  • Background check: In a role where your entire job is dedicated to helping individuals stay healthy, safe, and cared for, it makes sense for prospective schools to peek into your history with a background check.
  • $25 registration fee: Did we mention this fee is refundable? Pay to be considered, and get your money back in the case that you are not accepted.
  • Attend an informational seminar: This seminar helps you understand more about LPN school the career overall, and what you are getting into, before committing the time, energy, expenses, and hopes to become an LPN.
  • Pass the Accuplacer Placement test: Like a high school beginning-of-the-year placement exam that tells you whether you’re ready for geometry or trigonometry, the Accuplacer test is one more metric that helps Stone Academy gauge your preparedness for academic rigor. Use these resources or similar to achieve the passing LPN scores for Stone Academy: 40 in Math, 60 in Sentence Skills, 60 in Reading Comprehension, 20 in Algebra.
  • Completed Application: Just paperwork here, plus a couple of written additions. You will need to include at least three letters of reference, and a personal essay. Not sure who to ask for a reference? Consider teachers who you’ve had a good relationship with, past or current employers, guidance counselors, or anyone who can remark on your potential to succeed. Your personal essay should outline the reasons and motivations behind your intention to become an LPN nurse. In either your letter, your interview, or both, it’s a good idea to demonstrate a positive attitude, a mature mindset, and to comment on past work experiences.


Suggested LPN To-Dos:

If you want to include a resume or transcripts in your application, all the power to you. Those are just added bonuses to show off your skills and experience so far. Additionally, many applicants like to visit the school and speak with an Admissions Representative ahead of time, before technically applying. To do this, simply call Stone Academy between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, to arrange a campus tour.

Got your application signed and sealed? All metrics considered, the highest scoring applicants will be accepted based on the number of seats available. Other applicants are put on a waiting list. It only takes about two weeks to find out your results.

Why start with an LPN diploma on your nursing career path? Becoming an LPN a major stepping stone in the healthcare field, and it gets you working fast. After graduating from Stone Academy (>in as few as 63 weeks), you will be prepared to take the>NCLEX-PN exam and start work in the field. Today, LPNs earn an average salary of more than $57k in Connecticut.

Alternately, you can continue to further education by transitioning into an LPN-to-RN program, and look forward to even more professional nursing positions. Becoming an LPN offers a luxury of options that you should consider, today. Our Admission Representatives are waiting to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals! Call 800-585-1315 to learn more.