LPN Job Outlook in CT | Stone Academy
Over 300 available LPN jobs by 2026. $28 an hour. An average, annual salary of more than $58k. Can you believe that these opportunities are within reach after just 16 months of school? The Department of Labor tells us that the time to pursue a nursing career in Connecticut is now. Nurses today are more in-demand than they ever were before. An aging baby boomer population, changing economic patterns, and a shifting political temperature are just a few reasons for why nursing is a career that continues to be on the rise. Becoming an LPN could be your ticket to not just a lucrative job, but more importantly, a rewarding career that is in tune with the modern world. LPNs provide day-to-day care for patients who are sick, injured, and disabled, across the lifespan.

First off, let’s take a look at population metrics. The U.S. Census reports that by 2025, 25% of the current U.S. workforce will be over the age of 55. The CT Office of Legislative Research concluded that in Connecticut alone, in the year 2016, 16% of the State’s population were senior citizens, meaning over the age of 65. That’s 575,000 residents who have, and who will continue to have, healthcare needs that are unique to older people. Caring for the baby boomers is truly becoming the responsibility of a new generation. As people continue to live longer lives, the LPN job outlook is predicted to remain strong.

The LPN job outlook in Connecticut is growing at a rate of about four percent. By 2026, there will be an estimated 8,319 Licensed Practical Nurses working in the state.

Notably, the LPN job outlook has remained consistently bright over the years, even through the worst of times in modern economic history. You might remember the recession that occurred between December 2007 and June 2009. Gross Domestic Product dropped mind-bogglingly low. Job losses reached unprecedented rates. Lastly, the unemployment rate levels reached post-war numbers. The most amazing thing? Through the Great Recession, healthcare employment increased monthly. While so many other careers were melting down, LPN jobs and nursing careers continued to flourish. With an outlook that is proven not to slow down, and a recent history of incredible resilience, since 2000, healthcare has proven to be a more reliable career than the previous emblem of American pride: manufacturing. Furthermore, as of 2017, the number jobs in the healthcare industry even surpassed retail. The LPN job outlook is a proud representation of our nation’s future. It’s no wonder that nursing is one of the top 25 fastest-growing careers in the United States.

But what does this mean for you now, in terms of the LPN job outlook in Connecticut? Flash forward and take a look at some of the jobs that you’ll be eligible for once completing your LPN training from a school like Stone Academy. Simply search “LPN” on any job site, with the location set at “Connecticut” and it will all be clear: $20-25 dollars-an-hour roles; rewarding jobs in pediatric offices, at children’s hospitals, with leading home healthcare providers, at prestigious universities, the Red Cross, rehabilitation centers, hospitals… the list goes on. It doesn’t take long to get excited about the LPN job outlook in Connecticut once you see all of the career options that would be available to you.

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