How Long Does It Take to Become an LPN? | Stone Academy
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Can you believe that a quality job in healthcare could be just a season away? Despite popular belief, it doesn’t take years in the classroom to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Rather, earning your LPN credentials in Connecticut requires a short and simple checklist:

  1. Complete a state-approved practical nursing program to earn your LPN diploma
  2. Apply for your license with the Connecticut Board of Nursing
  3. Pass the national practical nursing examination (NCLEX-PN)

The most amazing part is that you can meet these milestones and start practicing in Connecticut in just a matter of months. How long does it take to become an LPN exactly, you ask? After just 63 weeks in Stone Academy’s LPN school, you will be able to begin your career in practical nursing. You can even enroll part-time in classes, allowing you to continue working as you develop new skills and talents. If a flexible, straight-forward, efficient educational experience to earn your LPN licensure sounds right for you, then you’re in the right place.  

Stone Academy trains aspiring LPNs in the basic, essential nursing duties that pertain to the healthcare of patients and clients. What do LPNs do? LPNs provide fundamental patient care, helping treat patients who are sick, injured, and disabled. LPNs closely work with patients, monitoring their conditions, evaluating their progress, and ensuring they are comfortable and tended to throughout the day. These nurses also collect patient data, measure vital signs and perform physical assessments. LPNs use the guidelines of the Nurse Practice Act to promote patient safety, hygiene, and around the clock comfort.

How do LPN students earn a well-balanced skillset? At Stone Academy, we combine classroom lessons with clinical experiences in a variety of healthcare facilities across Connecticut. With this, Stone Academy LPNs learn how to care for diverse populations, and leave prepared to work in entry-level positions in both acute and long-term care settings.

You might be thinking to yourself: classroom coursework AND clinical training? That sounds like it would take a long time to complete. Well, believe it or not, after a little over fourteen months, you could be caring for patients as an LPN. One of the secrets is that Stone Academy students can take either full-time day, or part-time evening and Saturday courses. Many students find that this flexibility helps them graduate in record time.

Graduating quickly is one thing, but let’s stay focused on the main goal at hand here: to land a good job quickly as well! Once Stone Academy students graduate from the LPN program, they become eligible to take the Connecticut NCLEX-PN exam. Once successfully completed, they can take their exam results right back to Stone Academy’s Job Placement Assistance service for a little guidance as they embark on their career.

You’ll also be happy to hear that the LPN job outlook is extremely positive. The Connecticut Department of Labor expects employment of LPNs to grow over 8 percent throughout the state. With a job outlook like that, you can dive into your LPN studies with confidence that they will, ultimately, pay off. The Stone Academy fact sheet is clear: with a $30,000 investment in your education and 63 weeks of classes, you can graduate with low interest rates, and expect to make over $56,000 annually in Connecticut as an LPN.

Before making the final decision to attend Stone Academy to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, all students are required to attend an information session. This gives prospective students a great opportunity to ask questions about schedules, classes, and the application process. You’ll be happy to hear that there are no prerequisite courses required for admission, and there are no waiting lists. Focus on your advancing your career with an LPN program that takes months, not years, to complete. Contact Stone Academy for more information today!