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When looking into practical career options, you’re not looking at just an educational program. You’re looking well beyond time spent in school! Choosing an educational path that leads right into a career is simpler than you might think. Well, at least it is in Connecticut, when your choice is to go to nursing school and become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Generally speaking, aspiring LPNs are most concerned with two things when starting out: compensation and availability. This means jobs with great pay and benefits, as well as a variety of job options (and openings) in their area. If you are looking to become a practical nurse in Connecticut, rest assured that Connecticut ranks among the top states for compensation. For the state’s size and convenient location between New York and New England, the job opportunities are also far-stretching. That’s right— Connecticut is one of the best places to become an LPN in the nation.

Below are the top reasons why so many LPNs choose to go to nursing school in Connecticut.

Reputable Healthcare Centers across CT

Choosing a state that offers some of the highest-quality institutions in your nursing career path is a smart choice. This means that the best practitioners are working nearby. These are leaders in the field, who are making strides and innovating for the good of the greater healthcare field, on a daily basis. These are the people that you want to learn from… and work for. Local is also important when you’re studying part-time and gaining experience. In fact, convenience is a necessity for a nurse’s busy lifestyle.

How does Connecticut measure up in the country? According to US News, there are about 50 hospitals total in the state, and fifteen percent of them are the most highly ranked among U.S. hospitals. The top three in Connecticut are Yale New Haven Hospital, Hartford Hospital, and St. Francis. Yale New Haven is nationally ranked for numerous specialties. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is a nationally ranked Children’s hospital, and many additional CT hospitals are recognized for their high performance. Not to mention, greater New England is home to many other acclaimed hospitals. So, studying nursing in CT, and getting a job there or in nearby MA, RI, or even NY or NJ, would be a well-informed decision. You won’t find a shortage of inspirational people or opportunities when starting your LPN career.

Connecticut LPN Salary

In considering an LPN career, you may be wondering if practical nursing school is worth the investment. Can you expect a comfortable salary in return? According to the CT Department of Labor, aspiring LPNs will not be disappointed. The average salary for an LPN statewide is $58k. That’s approximately $28 an hour, with a starting level salary of just four dollars an hour less ($24/hour). Depending on where you work in Connecticut, the LPN salary can vary from $52k to $60k. Few other professionals see payback as soon as LPNs do, with practical nursing school taking as few as 16 months to complete. Graduating with your LPN diploma and passing your CLEX-PN exam can earn you all of this.

Job Openings in Connecticut

Now is a great time to become an LPN in CT. The CT DOL reports that “the number of annual [job] openings will offer excellent job opportunities.” This year, there will be 602 job openings, on average. This means you can graduate from your training program with confidence that you will find a job – a feeling of security that not all industries are able to offer. Whether you’re looking to work in long-term care, home care, hospice, a rehabilitation center, or hospital, there are abundant LPN career options for you in the state.

Nursing Career Services

Stone Academy is truly invested in the success of its graduates. This is one reason why, in addition to personalized attention from faculty, the Stone Academy also offers Professional Development classes. As an aspiring nurse, selling the “full package” is a skill that’s almost equally as important as retaining and demonstrating your knowledge. You will learn about cover letter and resume writing, interview techniques and telephone etiquette. Afterwards, the Placement Director will assist you with job searching and coaching throughout your journey into the professional world. A true advantage to going to nursing school in CT is this unique support system available.

A practical nursing school in CT is one that will truly help you get ahead. Getting your education, learning from seasoned professionals, moving through the job-search process, and landing your first position as an LPN is not just something to dream about. It’s a reality! That’s what “practical” is all about.

Stone Academy offers LPN training across Connecticut, with three convenient campuses in East Hartford, West Haven, and Waterbury. To learn more about Stone Academy’s LPN school, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you.