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It’s always a good idea to test out the waters of a career path before diving right in. Sometimes you can get a taste for a class or topic that you like, in high school. Other times, it’s through a family business or early job, that you begin to understand what your passion in life could be. Internships and entry-level jobs are a great way to get down the basics, plus gain lots of insight and mentorship from those who have experience in their field. For nursing, a fantastic way to get a feel for the job and build connections is by training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA.

There are lots of reasons why becoming a CNA is a great choice. First, it’s fast! You can gain career skills and earn your certificate in as few as four weeks full-time, and up to 16 weeks part-time. In either scenario, you’re sponging up 125 hours of training. Second, you can make a fair salary with your skills. Once passing your state’s Nurse’s Aide Certification Exam, you’ll be eligible for jobs that pay, on average, more than $34k annually in Connecticut, according to the CT Department of Labor. Whether you’re coming straight out of high school or changing career paths, and you want to make more and brighten your future beyond the jobs currently available to you, it’s incredible to think that in just one more month of studying, you could be making $16.58 an hour.

You’ll need a program like Stone Academy’s CNA program to get there. With flexible schedule options during the daytime, weekend, and evening, and boasting the least expensive CNA tuition available in CT, there are virtually no barriers between you and your Nurse’s Aide certification.

Perhaps you are already a Certified Nurses’s Aide, and are thinking about new heights in practical nursing. How can you transition from a CNA to LPN career? With a CNA to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program, you can turn that mid-30s salary into almost $60k annually. All it takes is—you guessed it— more education. Besides salary, the benefits of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse are, quite frankly, the knowledge and ability to provide more advanced care, and make a larger impact on patient lives.

For instance:

  • CNAs may answer phone calls and make beds, while LPNs may dress and bathe patients.
  • CNAs may measure vital signs, while LPNs may administer medications and dress wounds.
  • CNAs may report changes in patient health to superiors while LPNs may assist RNs with providing procedures and tests.

Can you spot the differences?

Many nurses appreciate the autonomy of working as an LPN. LPNs are trusted with more hands-on time with patients. When you’re allowed to shine, the opportunities for promotion increase, as supervisors are more likely to notice your skills and achievements. As an LPN, you are eligible to work under a Registered Nurse (RN), with routine patient care in all kinds of settings, such as home care, long-term care, rehabilitation, and hospice.

The bridge from CNA to LPN at Stone Academy includes as few as 16 months of education. Similar to the CNA program, the fastest way to complete your LPN diploma and licensure is by attending school full-time. However, Stone Academy is proud to offer part-time schedules, including evening and weekend classes for aspiring LPNs, so that you can continue working or taking care of a family.

There are no prerequisite requirements to apply and qualify for the LPN program at Stone, though it is beneficial to have a background as a CNA. Once graduating from the LPN program, you’ll be prepared to take the state NCLEX-PN exam, and upon passing, you’ll become licensed and ready to start practicing at new heights!

For students who do have additional educational credits, earned either post-CNA or otherwise, it may be an option to transfer them and have them count towards your LPN coursework at Stone Academy. Approvals are granted by the Director of Academic Affairs. You can learn more about transferring credit here, and make sure that you apply to do so before you begin attending Stone Academy.

Improving your career truly translates to improving your life. Increase your income, professional capabilities, and self-confidence. Proving to yourself and your loved ones that you can reach your fullest potential, is just a phone call away! Dial 800-585-1315 to learn more about Stone Academy’s CNA and LPN programs, or visit us online.