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If there ever was a time to give back to the vulnerable people in our communities, it is now. Those sick with COVID-19 have a steep hill to climb, with many barriers, before reaching recovery. Can you imagine being in the hospital with this scary virus, and you are not allowed to have your loved ones visit? Or, can you imagine needing medical help that you can’t get right away? You probably can. The harrowing results of COVID-19 have touched us all in some way. And LPNs are in demand, on the front lines of it all.

The number of COVID-19 positive patients in Connecticut has been on the rise since the first case was reported on March 8. The Harford Courant gives an interactive, town-by town look. Healthcare centers are struggling with several demands all at once.

One major shortage comes in the form of equipment. Connecticut is still bracing for a potential lack of ventilators in healthcare facilities across the state. Out of the 4,000 predicted to be needed, the state actually has 1,500, stunting the ability to manage life-threatening symptoms.

The second major shortage is something that you can do something about: healthcare workers. There is an evident shortage of doctors and nurses, and LPNs are in high demand. It’s a brave world right now for doctors and nurses, who risk their own health just by coming in to work. In fact, the Associated Press explores COVID-19 outbreaks amongst doctors and nurses in Connecticut, that have contributed to the shortage, as these community healthcare workers must undergo quarantine to avoid infecting patients and colleagues. In a March 24 press release from the office of Connecticut Governor, Ned Lamont, the Department of Public Health asks for additional volunteer healthcare workers, including retired nurses and doctors. Interested individuals can register and fill out a form online, via the CT Responds! initiative. Asking senior nurses to return to work is a tall order, especially because of this population’s own inherent susceptibility to the disease! Trained healthcare workers are needed very badly, in Connecticut and across the nation.

Most harrowing of all, is the reporting on our most at-risk population: the elderly. According to NBC Connecticut, on April 16, officials released the news that nursing home residents have accounted for one-third of the 971 COVID-19 deaths in the state. One CT nursing home lost 33 residents from their 150-bed home.

Are you still asking yourself: Is there anything that you can do about it? You might not be a trained professional yet. But you can be, in a matter of months. Maybe you can take some of the load off a strained healthcare system. Maybe now is the time! The strongest waves of COVID-19 are still hitting the United States, and the virus will continue to effect innocent people into the coming months and possibly years. This is uncharted territory. Stone Academy’s LPN program will get you up to speed and practicing as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in as few as 16 months.

According to Medical News Today, most specialists say that a vaccine is not likely to become available for COVID-19 for another 12-18 months. That means that we’ll need to continue to manage the symptoms of COVID-19, which also means that the healthcare system will need to adapt in order to become proficient in managing the number of cases that arrive in their waiting room.

As noted in our article about the LPN job outlook in Connecticut, the need for Licensed Practical Nurses has already been on the rise. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Connecticut anticipated a need for 30 new LPNs each year through 2026. This is due to the growing number of senior citizens, and therefore a greater need for LPNs in long-term and clinical care settings.

Licensed Practical Nurses provide vital help to these patients in many ways, including:

  • Making patients comfortable, including providing assistance with personal hygiene.
  • Promoting patient safety.
  • Evaluating patient needs and monitoring their condition.
  • Delegate and prioritize patient care and therapies.
  • Communicate between patients, their loved ones, and other healthcare professionals.

Through a part-time schedule of classes, or a full-time schedule, Stone Academy’s LPN school will train you to provide care like this, and play an important role in many healthcare settings. LPNs are found in a variety of healthcare environments, such as:

  • Nursing homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Emergency rooms.
  • Visiting nurse services who provide home healthcare.
  • Public schools.
  • Rehabilitation centers.

Not one of these environments are unaffected by COVID-19. Start now, and you could be part of the movement that can finally administer a vaccine, to beat this virus. Make a mean hourly wage of $27.87, while making your work worthwhile, knowing that you can both support yourself and your family, while making a huge impact on others.
Find out more about the value of a LPN career, by calling Stone Academy at 800-585-1315, today.