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Medical Assisting

What is a Medical Assistant?

A Medical Assistant is an integral member of the healthcare team in both administrative and clinical functions.

What are the responsibilities of a Medical Assistant?

  • Explain treatments and procedures to patients
  • Administer electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Remove sutures and change surgical dressings
  • Assist with specialty examinations including cardiac, respiratory, OB-GYN, neurological, and gastroenterology procedures
  • Obtain vitals signs and patient history
  • Collect, label, and process specimens
  • Record patient information in electronic records
  • Perform hematology, immunology, chemistry, and microbiology testing

Graduate Employment Options

Clinical Medical Assistants
Entry-level Lab Technicians
Pharmacy Technicians
Medical Secretaries
Office Managers

Day Schedule

West Haven & East Hartford
8:15 am to 2:40 pm
Monday through Thursday

9:00 am to 3:05 pm
Monday through Thursday

Evening Schedule

All Campuses
5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Program Overview

The vast majority of medical assistants work in private practices due to their versatility. This versatility stems from the diverse training they receive which utilizes a mixture of traditional lecture, laboratory and clinical classes. Students are first introduced, through theory classes, to the functioning of the body as a whole. This provides a foundation for clinical skills they will be learning which include the collection and testing of throat, urine and stool cultures, obtaining vitals, recording patient medical histories, blood typing, instrument sterilization and a wide range of other skills that are regularly needed in a private practice setting. Students also learn an array of administrative functions that are needed in the day-to-day operation of a private practice as a business unit. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the elements involved in running a medical office, students are introduced to HIPAA and other concepts including professional liability, medical ethics and various medical practice acts. The administrative tasks students will gain a mastery in include the essentials of medical insurance billing and coding, maintenance of electronic medical records, patient scheduling, telephone techniques and the utilization of Medical Manager software to enter data and generate reports.

In our Medical Assisting program students are trained on campus over the course of 10 months before they spend two months at an externship site. This 240-hour graded externship provides students the opportunity to take the hands on skills they acquire within their program and demonstrate them at an active medical practice. This will allow them to come out of the medical assisting program with on-the-job experience. The skills gained in this program go above and beyond what is required of a medical assistant. Graduates from this program have found jobs in positions outside of medical assisting as entry level laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, office managers, medical secretaries, emergency room triage assistants, ophthalmology assistants and many other vocations. Medical Assistants are pervasive in private practices, health centers and clinics due to their training in a diverse range of clinical and administrative tasks. Graduates of the Medical Assisting program are eligible to sit for exams to become a Registered Medical Assistant, Certified Phlebotomist, or a Certified Medical Assistant.

Why become a Medical Assistant at Stone Academy?

Flexible Schedules – Day or evening classes available
No Out of Pocket Expense for Credential Exams – Includes the Certified Medical Assistant or Registered Medical Assistant exams.
Real World Experience – All students practice their skills in active medical practices
Job Placement Assistance – Placement Managers provide students with job opportunities and assist in developing résumés
Financial Aid Available*
Programmatic Accreditation – Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)

*For Those Who Qualify

Places that employ Medical Assistants

Physician’s Offices
Surgical Centers
Diagnostic Laboratories
Urgent Care Clinics
Chiropractic Offices

"Stone Academy benefited me with..."

Stone Academy benefited me with small classes and extra help! But most importantly the teachers and staff are inspirational, passionate about their work and motivated to have students learn and succeed!

- Elaine M.

"It is an honor to be a graduate..."

It is an honor to be a graduate of Stone Academy. The faculty and staff were always supportive of my journey and helped me reach my goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

-Tiha F.

"I cannot thank you Stone Academy enough..."

I cannot thank you Stone Academy enough for the tremendous work that they have done in preparing me to be a nurse and acquiring a position as an LPN. I will forever be indebted to Stone Academy for the training and the continued support that everyone has given me.

- Claudette L.

"As a graduate of the PCS program..."

As a graduate of the PCS program, Stone Academy has trained me all that I needed to know about patient care. I am now a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, and I am filled with gratitude for all of the attention that Stone Academy has given me during my time as a student and graduate.

-Jahnay D.

"My time at Stone has been challenging but rewarding.

My time at Stone has been challenging but rewarding. There was always someone to encourage you and help you to stay on the path to success. Stone has helped me to achieve my goal as an LPN to be better able to make a more meaningful contribution to those I serve. Thank you to teachers and staff at Stone Academy I would not be here without you. God bless you all.

-Audry M., PN Graduate

"My time at Stone Academy was a great experience."

My time at Stone Academy was a great experience. All the teachers were very helpful and taught me a lot about the medical field. I am very glad that I chose Stone Academy.

-Anisa, MA Graduate

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