Information for Current Students

Information for Current Students

This page contains information for current students of Stone Academy. It includes information about how to access Stone Academy email and the Stone Academy Learning Management System – Canvas.

Accessing Stone Academy Email

Stone Academy Utilizes Outlook on Office 365 for email. Each student is provided with a Stone Academy email. This email should be checked at least once a day. The Outlook app can be used to check your email on your phone or tablet. The app can be found at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

You will receive an email to your personal email account that you provided during admissions. This email will contain your email address and your temporary password. You do not need to create an account for yourself. One will be created for you.

To access your email:

1.) Navigate to or
2.) Enter your email address which ends in
3.) The first time you log in, enter your temporary password. This will prompt you to enter the temporary password again and then a password of your choosing two times.
4.) Now, when you check your email you will use the password that you created in step 3.

For more tips about how to use Outlook, check out the tutorial created by Microsoft.

Troubleshooting your email:

1.) If you need to reset your password, or you are unsure if you received the email please fill out this form on our website.
Please Note: This is not an automatic system. Resetting your password may take up to 24 hours Monday-Friday and 48 hours on the weekend. Due to this delay, it is important that you set a password that you remember.

2.) If Outlook says your account exists, please restart your browser and try again. It may be easier to use and access outlook from the main menu.

Computer icon with cursor on screen.

Accessing the Canvas LMS

Stone Academy utilizes a learning management system called Canvas. It is run by a company called Instructure. This is a different system than your email.

Your email address password is NOT the password for Canvas.

To access your online classes for the first time:

1.) Navigate to
2.) Click “Forgot Password”
3.) Enter your Stone Academy email address (ending in
4.) A link will be sent to your email to choose your password.
5.) Use this new password to log into

Please note: You can reset your password at any time. This is an automated system. You will just need access to your Stone Academy email address.

Once you have set your password, you can access your classes at using your Stone Academy email and password.

To access your online classes on a mobile device:

1.) Download the Canvas Student app on the App Store or on The Google Play Store.
2.) When asked to search for your school enter ‘stoneacademy’ all one word, all lower case and it should prompt you to log in using the Stone Academy email address and the password that you have created.