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Scholarship Resources

Scholarship Resources

While most students will afford their education using traditional federal grants and loans, there are many opportunities for students to apply for scholarships. A scholarship is funding from a third party that does not need to be repaid. These can be used to help you afford school or reduce the debt burden that you leave school with. Scholarships come in many different forms and are typically classified as need based, merit based, student specific based upon demographics or career specific. The application process varies depending upon the scholarship with some having specific deadlines and varying in application length and depth.

The resources provided on this page will aid you in searching for scholarships, but we also recommend checking with your local community foundations, non-profit agencies and labor and trade organizations.

Stone Academy also provides scholarships for students including:

Matching Scholarship Program

Whenever any full-time student receives a scholarship from any non-profit agency, service club, or similar private organization, Stone Academy will match up to a maximum of $250. To apply for this matching scholarship, students are required to provide proof of the outside scholarship award to the Financial Aid office prior to the registration date for classes.


"Stone Academy benefited me with..."

Stone Academy benefited me with small classes and extra help! But most importantly the teachers and staff are inspirational, passionate about their work and motivated to have students learn and succeed!

- Elaine M.

"It is an honor to be a graduate..."

It is an honor to be a graduate of Stone Academy. The faculty and staff were always supportive of my journey and helped me reach my goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

-Tiha F.

"I cannot thank you Stone Academy enough..."

I cannot thank you Stone Academy enough for the tremendous work that they have done in preparing me to be a nurse and acquiring a position as an LPN. I will forever be indebted to Stone Academy for the training and the continued support that everyone has given me.

- Claudette L.

"As a graduate of the PCS program..."

As a graduate of the PCS program, Stone Academy has trained me all that I needed to know about patient care. I am now a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, and I am filled with gratitude for all of the attention that Stone Academy has given me during my time as a student and graduate.

-Jahnay D.

"My time at Stone has been challenging but rewarding.

My time at Stone has been challenging but rewarding. There was always someone to encourage you and help you to stay on the path to success. Stone has helped me to achieve my goal as an LPN to be better able to make a more meaningful contribution to those I serve. Thank you to teachers and staff at Stone Academy I would not be here without you. God bless you all.

-Audry M., PN Graduate

"My time at Stone Academy was a great experience."

My time at Stone Academy was a great experience. All the teachers were very helpful and taught me a lot about the medical field. I am very glad that I chose Stone Academy.

-Anisa, MA Graduate

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