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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Stone Academy’s Federal School Code?


Q. Do I have to re-apply for financial aid every year?

Yes. Financial aid is not automatic and must be reapplied for each year

Q. Will I have to send in copies of my tax returns each year?

Completing a FAFSA is required each year. However, based on verification selection, changing requirements and regulations, differences in your financial situation or any inconsistency in your application, the Financial Aid Office may or may not request additional documentation.

Q. There’s been a change in our financial situation. How do we let you know?

Periodically, a family’s financial aid situation may change drastically as a result of a job loss, divorce, death, etc. We do recognize these special circumstances and have a process for a family to document these circumstances, when appropriate, for additional financial aid consideration. We encourage you to contact our office if such a situation arises so we can direct you toward the proper paperwork.

Q. I have questions about my financial aid and don’t know who to contact.

Don’t ever be afraid to call, e-mail, write or simply drop in to see us in the Financial Aid Office. We’re here to help you!

What Is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is the combination of different types of funding sources that help students afford their education.


What Types Of Funding Are Available?



Funding that does not need to be repaid


Funding that is borrowed and repaid with interest


Funding that can be applied for and is granted for having certain applicable criteria

Private Funding

This includes funds paid on behalf of the student by a government, private or non-profit agency

Private Funding

This provides a break down of a student’s payment into smaller monthly payments

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