Individualized Programs

Customer Service/Office Skills

With the recent dip in the economy, many companies are faced with a reduction in new business and are pursuing a concerted effort to maintain their current clients. Customer satisfaction is essential to retention which has increased the need for trained customer service representatives.

Students of this program will receive training in telephone skills, customer conflict resolution, keyboarding/data entry and the utilization of common administrative softwares along with a range of foundational office skills.

Administrative Medical/Dental Office

Changes in industry standards and legislative requirements have greatly expanded the need for administrative personnel in the healthcare field. These positions are open to applicants that have been specifically trained to work within the privacy confines of a medical office with the softwares that are utilized to maintain their records. Students in this program will receive the training needed to gain access to the job growth associated with the healthcare field without needing hands-on, clinical skills.
Students will receive a broader base of foundational office training that can be transferred to any administrative setting but will go a step further to prepare them for work in a medical/dental office. This is accomplished by receiving instruction in medical/dental terminology, HIPAA guidelines, patient scheduling, medical insurance billing and coding as well as medical record maintenance.

Clerical/Administrative Office Support

Students looking to get their start in an office setting can receive entry-level training with the Clerical/Administrative Office Support program. Over the course of 11 weeks, students will become acclimated to office etiquette and workplace professionalism through a mixture of personalized training and free seminars. In addition students will gain practical office skills including keyboarding/data entry, utilization of Microsoft Word and Excel, file management and business-related internet activities.


The Receptionist program is the best choice for students looking for an entry-level administrative position with a higher level of responsibility. In practice, receptionists are required to multi-task various routine administrative activities and do so without consistent supervision. All of this needs to be achieved while effectively communicating to other members of the team.
Students of this program will receive foundational office training that is accentuated with the mastery of effective communication, organizational skills, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Small Business Bookkeeping

Many small businesses require entry-level employees that can accomplish the essential accounting functions utilizing QuickBooks Pro or a similar accounting software. Graduates of this program will be able to perform the functions of an accounts payable or receivable clerk, a bookkeeper or a payroll administrator. Graduates are prepared for these positions by receiving instruction in general accounting principles, foundational administrative skills and bookkeeping specific softwares.